Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Snowy Winter

Two snow "storms" just two weeks or so apart.  Since this is my blog and I can be totally honest in my own blog because the only person around here I am trying to impress is me.. and since I am rarely politically correct, etc. etc. etc. I can just be frank.  I hate snow.  OK, so maybe hate is a bit strong.  I like to look at snow and I like the warm cozy feeling that comes when there is snow on the ground, a fire in the fireplace and a cup of hot chocolate (or Starbucks) in hand.  But getting out in the snow...  Yeah.. no thanks.  It might be different if there were some hills close by to sled on.  But it's just flat around the house.  That is something I do miss about Alabama.  We had a lot of hills to sled down when it snowed.  AND it takes me a good 30 minutes to get the kids and myself dressed only to be outside for 10-20 minutes before the kids start telling me they are cold.  BUT one good thing has come from all the snow that we have gotten.. my dressing time has improved.  It used to be longer than 30 minutes.  Oh and another thing.. I have learned proper layering so that I can usually get an extra 10 minutes out of the kids before they do start hollering about being cold.  I seriously just need to invest in snowsuits, but if I did.. it would probably be the mildest winter on record... (hmmm... that might not be so bad..).  ANYWAY, I said all that to say this.. enjoy the pictures!


Dana said...

If you think that will work, I'll invest in snowsuits too!

Great Pictures!

Brandi said...

Cute Pics!!! I hate snow too. I am longing for Spring :)