Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blogging priority..

Seems as though my blog has been left out in the cold.  Yes, that pun was intended.  It's winter.  Not a lot goes on in winter.  Which stinks.  Not to mention it's cold.  And apparently the fact that I live in the south doesn't save me from having to deal with snow and ice.. and seriously cold temps.  Over the last week my small corner of the world has been dealing with snow and ice.  And thankfully it rained last night and washed all or at least most of it away.  I don't like snow.  I wasn't born a penguin or a northerner so my body doesn't do well in colder temps.  I function so much better once the temps get into the 70's.

There have been on goings in the O'ville household despite the cold.  We are still painting.  I promise to get pictures up soon.  I am still waiting on a few things to arrive so that I can hang them up and trying to find pictures that have since been lost.  Those pictures being Jon Kent and Zoey's baby photo books and for whatever reason they are missing.  MAJOR HEART ATTACK here.  But hopefully those will be found soon.  There have been several rooms painted since Zoey's.  The main guest bathroom, living room, dining room (which we use for our computer area (we aren't formal enough for an actual dining room) and the hallway.  My daddy was here this past weekend and helped get the huge living areas painted.  HUGE thanks to him.  Next up with be Jon Kent and Nathan's room (probably).  Unless I get a wild hair and paint the kitchen or master bedroom first.  We are ordering the boys bunk beds and switching their room and the current playroom.  So lots going on around here even though it's been so cold.  I do have some snow pictures from last week that I need to post.. but those will have to wait.  I'm not motivated enough to load/edit/collage them right now.  Maybe later.

Speaking of later... we are going to Disney World this summer.  The kids will miss a week of school, which I am a bit antsy about, but heck it's a family trip and they are still young enough that catching up on what they miss shouldn't be too hard.  I hope.  And I hope they have sweet, understanding teachers.  If not.. well.. I'll let Kent talk with them. :)  We are really excited and the kids are too.  Kent let it slip that we were going so I get to hear about it until September.  Lovely.  But it does add to the excitement.

Well, that's about it for catching you up on our news.  I know it was thrilling and probably all 5 of you who regularly read were probably on the edges of your seats just waiting for my return to blogger world.  Wha.. you weren't.. oh well.. don't let me know that.  It's might bruise my enormous ego.


Kristine said...

Very exciting about the disney trip! I go through phases too where I neglect my blog. Not like we have three kids to care for, eh? LOL

Brandi said...

I hope you guys have so much fun at Disney. I can't wait to see what you've done with your home. I enjoy reading your blog :)

Karen said...

It's so fun planning a Disney Trip! Your kids will all be at perfect ages for their first time!