Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend with my brother and family

My brother, sister-in-law and two nephews were in town this weekend.  We had a good time.  They got in late Friday night after my kids had already gone to bed.  Jon Wesley (my oldest nephew) went straight to bed.  I think the ride from Alabama wore him out.  I finally got to hold Aarron again.  I hadn't held him since the day he was born.  He was so sweet and just chilled out with his Auntie Em.  We didn't get in the bed until well after midnight.  Saturday we went to a local park that has walking trails and bike trails and ponds.  The ponds have turtles and little alligators in them.  The kids had a good time running all around and finding the turtles.  This time we finally got to see an alligator.  We actually saw three.  It was pretty neat and the kids got a kick out of it.  After running around there, we headed over to Chick-fil-a for some lunch and more playing for the kids.  By the time we got home, Nathan was asking for a nap.  So while he took a nap everyone else played outside or in the playroom.  Once Nathan got up from his nap we took the kids to the local neighborhood park.  They played for a good bit and one of Zoey's friends from school was there.  After playing for a while we headed back to the house to grill out for supper.  The kids all went down fairly easily for bed. No surprise there.  The adults got to chat and watch some basketball.  We also turned on the XBOX kinect and my brother cut a rug with the dance game.  It was seriously, SERIOUSLY the funniest thing ever.  I laughed so hard.  I slept good that night.  Sunday we went to church.  Everyone got to meet my brother and all said he looked just like my daddy.  And that I couldn't not claim him as my brother because we did favor a lot.  Still not sure how to take that.. ;o)  We relaxed and napped in the afternoon time while the kids were all napping.  Then we ordered pizza and just hung around.  After the kids went to bed we had some seriously funny times.  I haven't laughed that hard and much in a long time.  My brother was on a roll, that is for sure.  This morning they all left around 9am or so.  They are already back home.  We had a good time and I am glad they got to finally come for a visit.  I am counting down the days until I get to go "home" for spring break and see them all again.

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