Monday, March 14, 2011

Have a little sunshine.. Why, I don't mind if I do!

Spring.. just around the corner.  Temps in the 70s.  Days full of sunshine.

Ahh, yes, how I love it.

After the winter we had, spring is a welcomed long lost friend.  Oh and add daylight savings time to the mix.. just wonderful (minus the taking Jon Kent to school in the dark thing...).  Today, after picking the older two up from school, we headed to a local park.  Just so happened that some of their friends from AWANAs were there. They had a blast running and playing.  After we got home and did homework and ate supper we went back outside for a couple of front yard soccer games and then we took the dog for a walk around the neighborhood.  By the time they had a bedtime snack and their baths they were all ready for bed.  Usually we have to keep telling them to go to sleep.. But not tonight.  Within minutes they were all asleep.

Ah, yes, how I love it!

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