Friday, July 2, 2010



You are my one and only girl. I cannot tell you how special you are to me. How, after going through such a rough start with motherhood, that you healed me. You may never understand that, or maybe it will take you being a mother yourself to know how true those words are. You were a surprise the day the pregnancy test said, "Pregnant" and you continue to surprise me. With your love and your want to see people happy. Since your Gramsie passed away, you have taken it upon yourself to make sure I am not sad. Granted, that's a big job for a 4 year old but you try. You always ask if I miss my momma and I tell you yes and you will say, "I miss her too, but she is in heaven." How special it is to know that you already believe that. I pray that you never forget your Gramsie. That even if it's a small memory of time y'all shared together, that you keep it close to your heart. You were very, very special to her. And you will remain that way forever. You have been such an amazing sister to your brothers. You care for them and about them. You try not to leave anyone out when playing. Of course, you do like to annoy them and you have times where you just want to be alone. I understand that, because I am the same way. Sometimes, you just need some solo girl time. You are already becoming such a girly girl. Which is new to me. I was a full on tomboy at your age. No dresses for me or painted toenails. But you love them both. And you love to dance. You are just a rock star, Zoey Taylor. In the coming years things will change. You will notice boys and they will notice you. Your daddy will notice the boys, noticing you and I will notice your daddy cleaning his guns. You will be embarrassed and that's OK. He just loves you and wants only the best. Because that's only what you deserve. Always remember our qualifications for a boyfriend/future husband: "He loves God and loves you." I pray that you find yourself so lost in your walk with God that your husband has to find God to find you. I love you my baby girl. You are beautiful inside and out.


Tiffany Lockette said...

What a sweet letter!! Those Zoey's or Zoe's are special girls.

Christy said...