Monday, July 12, 2010

Ahh yes, summer.

Summer is very close to being my favorite season. If it weren't for the hot, humid days it would be. We have been having a really good time this summer. And it just keeps getting better. So thankful for a "mountain top period after the valley". Between a new splash park that we have found and swimming and the zoo, our past few weeks have been full of fun! Of course, all our summer hasn't been all play. We did have to detour off our time of fun for a dentist appointment today. It was Nathan's first one. They all did very well. And Nathan didn't scream or pitch a fit like I thought he would. And the added bonus, NO CAVITIES!! Which is always great to hear! Now, back to our playing.. Swimming and zooing we have been doing. This past weekend we took the kids to the zoo. We had an unseasonal cool-ish day this past Saturday. The kids enjoyed looking at all the animals. Kent and I were really amazed at how much Jon Kent has learned about some of the animals and what he retained from seeing them a few months back. Smart little boy, he is! We had a great time until it started getting hot around 2pm. So we headed home and the kids got in the pool. That night we didn't have to keep telling them to go to sleep. ;) In a couple of weeks the kids will be taking a trip to Alabama to spend with family while Kent and I fly to DC for a week of tourism. It's my first time flying and I am pretty nervous about it, but oh so excited about the adventures that we are sure to have.

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Brandi said...

I'm happy to hear you all are enjoying your summer. Love the pics. Your kids are getting so big. Woohoo for a Mommy and Daddy vacation :)