Monday, February 8, 2010


Yeah.. my posting has been lacking. We are still fighting off this crud. Seems like once one of us is well someone else gets it. So yeah.. still may not be around much. We will get rid of this stuff sooner or later. And hopefully I can get back around to posting more. Until then... follow me on facebook and get the day to day blahness that has become my life.


Brandi said...

hope you all are feeling well soon :)

Karen said...

It's so hard when everyone is sick! As you know we went through it a few weeks ago! Just remember, this too shall pass!

Bridgett said...

Parker now has the crud too.

So it's extra vitamin c, vitamin d, zinc, aloe juice, and probiotics for him.

I also broke down and gave him some cough syrup this morning. Why, oh why, can't they make dye-free cough syrup? I'm hoping he can tolerate the little bit he's getting from the syrup.

And, of course, Vick's to the soles of the feet helps, as does his humidifier.

Hopefully he'll be feeling better by Tuesday when he goes back to school.

In the meantime, hope you're all feeling better too!