Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Complete randomness

Oh my goodness.. who knew having three kids would be so different than having two? Or maybe it's just the personality of my third child that makes it seem so different. I am telling you, Nathan is 10 kids rolled into one. If I don't have my eyes glued to him at all times he gets into anything and everything. He is always up to something and always, ALWAYS annoying his siblings.

Our government sucks. Period. I wish they all would quit and maybe we could start from scratch and see if that helps any. Bipartisan.. please. Never. Not as long as they are trying to get their own way just for the sake of getting their own way. That is so kindergarten.. haven't they grown up? My kids (well minus Nathan.. as previously stated) know how to give and take and share why can't a bunch of grown ups do the same?

We are going to Alabama Thursday after Kent gets off of work. I am looking forward to it. It's a weekend away and Kent and I will get to have a night out Friday when we go to his former co-worker's retirement party. It's also supposed to be nice weather so we will be able to get out and about while we are there.

Speaking of nice weather, we have really enjoyed some here lately. Well, minus yesterday's rain but other than that.. Nice. Makes me hopeful that this winter isn't going to stay around forever. It has really been a cold one.

Kent is going to sign Jon Kent and Zoey up for tee ball this evening. I am telling you, we go from playing basketball to baseball all in a matter of weeks. Never ending, but it will be fun. The kids are looking forward to it and so am I. I am just looking forward to spring and summer period.

We have a lot of plans coming together for summer. We are going to the beach in June. My best friend from Alabama is planning on coming up for a visit sometime in late May or early June. Whenever the kids go to Alabama for a visit, Kent and I are planning on going somewhere for a few days. Get away, just us. We are also going to Alabama for the spring race. Well, Kent is and his boss and wife sre planning on attending it, I am just going to spend time with family. I really don't care for it.. living there for 26 years was enough for me (the race.. not my family). I am so, maybe, planning on going to Alabama during my dad's spring break. Maybe. It falls the same week of Nathan's birthday and also the week after Easter. So, again, that is still a maybe. But there are just so many plans coming together than I am really excited and looking forward to it. The summer will fly by and I hate that because Jon Kent will be starting kindergarten. And Zoey might be starting preschool. So unbelievable to me.

I have been watching the Olympics.. anyone else? I have enjoyed it and it helps that USA is totally rocking the medal count. Go team USA!!

Well, that about does it for now. Completely random, I know. That's how my mind usually works. At least it's a post and I haven't left y'all hanging!

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