Sunday, February 14, 2010

I heart him

On this Valentine's Day I want to talk about my valentine...

Kent, duh.

We have known each other most of our lives. We grew up in church together and while he broke my heart in elementary school he has more than made up for it since. I love that man. Just the other day I watched him walk down the stairs holding Nathan's hand and it just melted my heart for him. While I was sick, he took care of me. That sort of thing doesn't come naturally (for him or me) but he did it. And because of him I was able to recover and get some rest.

There are so many things that go unnoticed on any given day that he does that makes me fall in love with him more and more. I wish I was more observant and more acknowledging of those things. He deserves that much.

Kent is a wonderful daddy to our 3 little O'villers and a wonderful husband to me. And really, what better Valentine could there be?

Happy Valentine's Day, Kent. To the one who holds my heart. I love you!

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Bridgett said...

Very sweet, Em.

Hope you two had a wonderful Valentine's Day!