Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Let's play some football!

The time has finally arrived!  Jon Kent is 7 years old so that means he is finally (finally being his word) old enough to play full contact football.  He has been asking to play football since he was 4.  Every year he would tell us only x-more years until I can play football.  So finally he strapped on some pads, put on his helmet, and bashed heads with other like minded 7 and 8 year olds.  And. He. Loves. It.  I seriously thought after he got hit a few good times he wouldn't like, but nooo.  It's what he talks about all the time.  And now that college football and even NFL is going strong he is into those.  He still won't watch a full game with Kent  yet, but Kent has high hopes that it will happen soon.  Oh, and the team Jon Kent is on is the Cowboys and he is #19.  He thinks that since he is on the Cowboys that the "real" Cowboys should be winning all their games in the NFL.

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