Wednesday, October 10, 2012


That would be Brazilian Ju-jitsu for those who aren't as familiar with the sport.  All three kids are taking BJJ classes twice a week.  They are all loving it.  Jon Kent and Zoey started at the first of the year and have gotten their gray and white belts.  Nathan started in July and has one stripe so far on his white belt.  I am amazed at how far Jon Kent and Zoey have come.  Especially Zoey.  She is one of the top fighters in her class.  Other parents even comment that their SONS are afraid to fight her.  She wins most of her matches.  Girl Power!!  I am really impressed with the whole program and the professor who teaches.  He has several helpers who are blue belts that assist him in class.  They all have a boat load of patience.  They take their time with each kid trying to teach proper technique and it shows with each improvement the kids make.  I am really hoping this is something the kids stick with all the way through until their black belts which if they do they will be in their late teens or early twenties before they get it.  Long but rewarding road I think.

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