Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day3 of the Owens Olympics

Is it time for the closing ceremonies yet???

I kid, I kid.


Hand stands

This is Nate's version of hand stands since he still doesn't like going under water.

Crazy hair

Water polo

Water volleyball.

So, today we did Olympic games with swimming as our theme.  We did synchronized swimming (aka who can do the best hand stand), who can hold their breath the longest, the craziest hair do, who can swim under water the longest, water polo, and water volleyball.

The kids enjoyed themselves and the rainy looking clouds left so we could enjoy the warm sunshine while we swam.  We stayed in the pool for about two hours.  The time really flew by.  Now the O'villers are resting up for BJJ (Brazilian Jujitsu). 

And yes, the kids want to know what we are doing tomorrow.

If I only knew..

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