Friday, May 25, 2012

Dance like EVERYBODY is watching!!

Zoey had her first full dance recital.  She did one during the fall which was short and sweet.  This one was more detailed and a little longer.  She had a blast.  She loved her hip-hop class.  Sadly, the dance studio that she was at is closing.  I am not sure we will do dance again.  We may, but I am thinking gymnastics will be our next step.  But who knows.  Secretly I wish she would take to softball or soccer.  I know a lot more about those than any dance moves! ;)  However, I want her to find her own passions and if that is in dance then I guess I can get girly with the best of them!

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Christy said...

So cute! So glad Chloe enjoyed dance this year! Emma is in ballet and loves it, she played soccer and tball too. She seems to enjoy everything that's offered. We've played around with putting her into gymnastics, but I want to make sure that one the teacher is committed and the one here on our small post is NOT (she cancels last minute quite often) and want it to be a coach who encouraged healthy body image vs just weigh as little as possible.