Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Just to make it clear.. my 29th birthday will be my last official birthday.  The rest (if God wills) will just be anniversaries of my 29th birthday.


For whatever reason, I am not looking forward to the big 3-0.  I know people say that the 30's are when they really start feeling good in their skin.  Bravo to you.  I just don't have that feeling.  Maybe I will, but for now I am holding on tight to my 20's.

My birthday weekend was great.  Since my birthday fell on Mother's Day this year I felt a little jibbed if I am being honest.  But Kent and the kids made it up to me.  They spoiled me and all around make me feel loved. It really was one of my best birthdays yet!

So here's a happy 29th birthday to me.. with many more 29th's to go!
My birthday present

My Mother's Day flowers

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Christy said...

Oh hon...trust me when I say the 30's are sooo much better than the 20's! Relish and live it up in your 30's and celebrate every year! It's a gift from the Lord!!!