Friday, June 1, 2012

Another year.. another milestone

Well, another chapter of O'ville school years is in the books.  I am now a momma to a 2nd grader, 1st grader and a 4K preschooler.  Wow.  Time is flying, my kids are growing up, and I am just not ready for any of it.

 Jon Kent had a great year in 1st grade.  He made the A honor roll for the year, passed all his testing with flying colors and well above grade level and just thrived in all his subjects.  I am very thankful for his teacher who encouraged him all along the way.  We have been so blessed with amazing teachers at the kids' school.

Zoey had a great year in kindergarten.  She went in hardly reading and came out a great reader.  Her confidence in herself academically has soared and I give my thanks to her teachers for fostering that in her.  She really blossomed this year in the classroom.

Nathan took his test to get into preK at MCE and he will be joining his brother and sister for half a day at the elementary school.  So for 3 hours every day I will be completely alone during the school day.  That hasn't happened in almost 8 years! :)  I will be busy though with PTO stuff since I was sucked into that new role.  I am actually looking forward to it though.  It allows me to be at the school a good bit and volunteering around my kids.  Can't ask for much more than that!

Now to enjoy summer break!

First and last school day pictures

First and last school day pictures

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