Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Beach Trip

Since moving to South Carolina almost 3 years ago we figured our trips to Panama City Beach would come to an end.  Since we would be living somewhat closer to the Atlantic ocean beaches we figured we would be going to those from now on.  So we tried one last summer in Hilton Head, SC.  We were not impressed.  We've heard better reviews about Myrtle Beach, SC but we didn't want to take any chances.  So we made a long vacation out of it by stopping in and visiting the grandparents and great grandparents in 'dega before making the 5 hour drive down to Panama City Beach.  We had a good visit at "home" and we had great time at the beach.  My daddy came down for a few days and besides a couple days of rough water it was a great vacation.  The only draw back was the 7 hour drive back home to South Carolina straight from the beach.

Some of the things we did besides play at the beach were:

Fun Land Arcade- This is a tradition that dates back to when I was little and I went to the beach with my parents.  When Kent and I got married and honeymooned in the town next to PCB I introduced Kent to Fun Land.  And now every time we go our kids beg for multiple trips there.

Pineapple Willy's- They have some of the best ribs in the world.  Or at least in the world that I live in.  We go there every year.  My first time going was during my senior trip and now we go every year.  It's another one of those places that the kids just expect us to go to.

Pier Park- It has great places to eat like Margaritaville, which we eat at every time.  It has shops and now they have expanded their throw back to Miracle Strip Amusement Park.  They have brought back several of the old rides and even the Ferris wheel.  The kids had a blast and I am sure it will become part of our traditions.

Wonderworks- We tried this place out on a day that the beach patrol closed all the beaches because of dangerous rip currents.  Apparently everyone else had the same idea.  It was extremely crowded which made for a somewhat miserable experience.  I am sure had there not been so many people that it would have been a lot better.  However, what we did do we enjoyed (well minus the virtual roller coaster.. me and my equilibrium could have done without it).

Air boat ride- It was extremely boring.  It took all I had to not take a nap!

We also rode go-karts and played putt-putt.  Kent and Jon Kent won the go-karts and my daddy won the putt-putt.  Zoey is still fussing that I wasn't driving fast enough! Pedal to floor.. can't get much faster than that!

All in all it was a great beach trip. I am looking forward to our next one!

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Christy said...

Great pictures and sounds like a great vacation. I drove from Kansas to Myrtle Beach over 8 years ago. Loved it. I can't compare it to other beaches really, but it was beautiful and we had a great time.