Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Surgery and the little red shovel

Zoey and Nathan had surgery Monday.  It was a simple umbilical hernia repair.  Simple being the keyword.  And for the most part it went like we thought it would.  Well, except the 2 hour over appointment time wait.  The sleepy juice not making either child sleepy and let's not forget the little red shovel.  More on that later...

We were told to get there at 10am.  I figured we would have to wait a bit over our "start time" but 2 hours.. yeah, I wasn't thrilled.  No explanations, no "sorry we're just running behind", nothing.  Just sitting in a small box of a room which at least had a TV in it.  Zoey was going to be first so they came in, got her vitals and such and then we waited some more.  Finally the "sleepy juice" was given and we thought the ball would be rolling now.  Or not.  More waiting.  Zoey goes from calm to silly and then finally sleepy.. only to go back to silly.  She was every where and I was worried that it would wear off before they got her back there.  Finally at 12:35pm they took her back.  Now on to Nathan... we waited for a bit and then they came in and got his forms filled out.  Told us in a few minutes they would be back to give him his sleepy juice.  Few minutes pass and nothing.  Finally they come in, give it to him and he goes calm.  He is almost asleep when out of no where he bucks up and starts getting mad at me because I'm not laying just the right way with him in the bed.  After attempting to move every way possible he finally starts pushing on me calling me a "bossy head". {Kent's bursts into laughter which makes me laugh and makes Nathan madder.}  So he has this little red shovel that came with a toy he got to pick out in the lobby and starts smacking me with it.  {Nathan is a strong willed child.  I will give him that.  And he stands his ground and doesn't back down, but when it comes to me he has never hit me or shoved me.  And I can always "scold" him and he will return back to the way he should be acting.} This was completely out of his nature.  So the nurse and anesthesiologist come in about the time he is repeatedly calling me a bossy head despite my telling him not to and giving him the "mommy face".  The nurse and doctor said, "Yeah, most of the time it makes them sleepy, but sometimes.. rarely it... well.. doesn't."  YA THINK?  So they wheeled him away at 1:35pm and said he went right to sleep once they put the mask on him.

They both came out of recovery find.  Tired, but fine.  We got home around 3:30pm.  And so far their recovery has been pretty good.  I am having to keep them from doing more than they should and trying not to let boredom set in, although I am pretty sure it already has.

We go back in a little over two weeks to get the bandages taken off and stitches removed.  And speaking of 2 weeks.. the kids will be back in school by then as well.  Summer is quickly coming to an end.  Makes me very sad.

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