Sunday, December 12, 2010

'tis the season..

To be busy. And apparently that means too busy to keep up with the blog. It's been good though. We had the kids' birthday party last weekend. Had Kent's family in town that same weekend. This weekend my daddy was in town. He actually just left. I love having family in town. It's a nice and cozy feeling. Kent and I got to go out this past Friday night while my daddy watched the kids for us. We went to our Sunday school's couples Christmas party. It was a good time. We did dirty Santa or whatever you call it with Christmas ornaments. Afterward we went to Starbucks for a late night treat.

Also, last week started the Upward basketball/cheerleading season for our church. We were all busy with that last week. I am hoping this week will be better since we will know more of what to expect. I am coach K-2 grade cheerleading. So far they seem like a great group of girls. They were really eager to learn and paid really good attention. I am hoping for a good season.

As for this week, whew. A lot going on. Tomorrow I am helping get together a meal for a family in our church who just welcomed their 2nd boy to the family. We are also going to go visit Santa. Tuesday Kent and Jon Kent have basketball practice. Church is Wednesday. Thursday Zoey and I have cheer practice and then Friday we leave for Alabama for a few days of visiting with family before Christmas.

So as you can see.. very busy. Good busy though.

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