Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday, Zoey

How is it that 5 years have come and gone so quickly? How can it possibly be true that you are 5 today. I can still see you so tiny and perfect. I can still remember the exact feelings I had when I saw you. It was pure joy. And over the past 5 years you have added so much spice to my life. You are the perfect "middle" child. Sandwiched right between your brothers to keep them both straight. And girl you do keep them straight. Five years.. wow. I am just so very thankful for every minute of it. Thankful for your health, your development, your generosity and love. I hope you have an absolute amazing 5th birthday! I love you, baby girl!!


Karen said...

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!

Brandi said...

It amazes me how fast they grow. Happy Birthday Zoey :)