Monday, May 3, 2010

Sweet Home Alabama

We spent the past week in Alabama. Kent was asked to come help out their computer department and help get them caught back up. There are operating one man short and their manager just retired, so it made things get backed up there. It was ironic to me for Kent to be called back to help. This was the same department that didn't hire him almost two years ago because he wasn't "qualified" (although that turned out to be an error on their part in calculating his actual hours spent working in the department.. long, boring story.). But how I am so thankful he didn't get that job. Because if he would have, we wouldn't have moved to where we are. And we are truly blessed to be in South Carolina.

While we were in town a lot of things took place that I was really dreading. My momma's birthday was the 28th. It was a hard day. The kids and I took balloons to my momma's grave. The kids ran around having a good 'ole time while I cried and thought about all the memories I had of her. I miss her so much. I still get taken back when I remember she is gone. It still at times doesn't seem real. I am glad though that I was in Alabama during her birthday. Also, my parents' anniversary (would have been 34 years) was the 1st. It made my heart hurt for my daddy. He seemed fine with it. I know it hurts him.. you would have to be inhumane or really have a cold heart for it not to. I guess the next hard day will be Mother's Day. I'm not really sure how well that will go. We will be in South Carolina for that and I have mixed feelings about it all. Preparing for the worst and hoping for the best.

Balloons for my momma. The kids picked them out and Nathan picked out the pinwheel.

The necklace that I had made from my momma's engagement ring.

While we were in town my necklace was finally ready to pick up. I had my momma's engagement ring's diamond taken out and put into a necklace. I am happy with the way it turned out. Glad that I have it to remember her by and to pass it down to Zoey when she is older. She is already asking for it. :)
The whole week we were in Alabama Kent's granny cooked us breakfast.. and lunch.. and supper. I gained 5 pounds. Good food.. just wish it didn't all go to my belly. Bleh.

We had a good time. We hope now that we have been there a couple of times that our families will make the trek this way and give our car a break. :)


Tiffany Lockette said...

There will be to many first without your Mama this year. I couldn't even imagine and don't even want to think about it. I'm so sorry. I hope each day gets a little easier as the pain and yearning to see her will never go away. Thinking of you today and especially on Mothers Day. I'm sure she was proud of the Mommy you've become.

Kristine said...

The necklace is gorgeous..what a wonderful idea.

Karen said...

Beautiful Necklace Emily!