Friday, May 14, 2010


So, now I am 27 years old. Still don't feel like I should be past 18. You know when you were younger and you had a birthday you felt older? I remember 10 being the first birthday that I can remember feeling older.. feeling "my age". I was a whole decade old after all. That blew my little 10 year old mind. And then 13. I was a teenager. And I felt it.. hormone rush and all. I felt 15.. getting to learn how to drive. 16, getting my freedom on the road. All alone. 18, I was "an adult". Able to vote. It was great. But every birthday since.. almost 10 years now.. each birthday just feels the same. I feel the same age. So, I guess if I go with that thought then I shouldn't feel a day over 18. Although my body sure looks a day over 18. You know.. with having 3 kids and all. Now.. when I turned 30.. I surely hope I still feel 18.

My birthday was good. I was still in my funk. But not so deeply. I had a good cry over it all and just tried to appreciate the day. Kent and Jon Kent made me a birthday cake. Kent also gave me a very sweet card. He gave me my present (new Fossil sunglasses) on Mother's Day. I got several cards in the mail and tons of birthday wishes on Facebook and in emails. I took Nathan to have his fitting for corrective shoes (he has a major instep on his left foot. His foot is shaped a lot like a "C". Wearing the shoe should help over the course of a year), then we went and had lunch with Kent. When we got home the kids went swimming for a bit and then Zoey went to her baseball game (Jon Kent didn't go because he has a cold and it is really kicking his butt. He will have spurts of energy, but it only lasts maybe 30 minutes and then he is worn out again. He is doing a lot better today though). After the game Kent brought home Chick-fil-a, so that meant no cooking for me for the whole day. That's a gift in and of itself. Kent's grandparents also sent me a card and money. And to add on to my birthday gifts, my daddy is coming for a visit this weekend. He'll be here sometime tonight. OH(!!!) and Nathan slept through the night! WOOOOOOOOOT!!!!!!!!! He woke up around 11:30pm but that was because he had fallen out of his bed. :) But then he didn't wake up again until 6am. Wonderful, glorious sleep! How I have missed thee!!!

I am slowing getting out of my funk. Vitamin D surely helps. And I have been able to get plenty of it. The weather here is quickly turning to summer and not a moment too soon. I am ready for fun in the sun and vacations and family outings and maybe.. just maybe.. Kent and I will get to go on a trip alone. If everything works just out right we are planning a trip to Washington DC. Kent has always wanted to go and I haven't been since high school.. sooooo.. maybe we will get to do just that. Maybe. ;)


Kristine said...

happy birthday, lady. :)

Brandi said...

I'm glad to hear you had a wonderful birthday, you very much deserved it :)