Thursday, April 12, 2012

Easter 2012

I am so thankful that Easter to our family isn't about the bunny or the eggs that he supposedly hides.  While we do enjoy doing those things, it's not the reason.  We celebrate Easter because Jesus was crucified on a cross for our sins (and yours) and 3 days later rose from the dead.  He was dead, but He is now alive and living with our Heavenly Father.  Because of Him I, too can be live forever with my Heavenly Father!

We had a wonderful Easter weekend.  Nathan's birthday was part of the celebration.  Our Sunday school class had an egg hunt where all the kids were told of Jesus' death and resurrection and then they got to hunt for eggs.  That afternoon we dyed eggs with the kids and even nibbled on a few as well.  We did Easter baskets that morning before going on the egg hunt.  Sunday we enjoyed a wonderful service at church.  That afternoon we had a relaxed lunch and had a "private" family egg hunt.  The kids had a great time.  It was a wonderful weekend to spend as a family.  Talking about Jesus and making memories.

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