Thursday, February 16, 2012

Proud doesn't even begin to describe it

Jon Kent was selected out of his entire first grade class to receive an award called the Celebration of Character award.  All the first grade teachers had to agree with one another on who the award went to.  Jon Kent's teacher nominated him and all the other teachers unanimously agreed that he should receive the award.  Here is the letter that Jon Kent's teacher wrote on his behalf:

Celebration of Character

Student’s Name: Jon Kent O
School: MCE
Nominators: First Grade Teachers

            The first grade teachers here at MCE are proud to nominate Jon Kent O. for the Celebration of Character Award.  Jon Kent is an extremely intelligent, responsible, and dedicated student.  He exemplifies kindness, compassion, and overall good character on a daily basis. 
            Jon Kent comes to school everyday ready and eager to learn.  Jon Kent is always kind to his classmates and has positive things to say to others.  He is a hard worker and always helps his fellow classmates.   Jon Kent is compassionate about everything he does, and always puts forth his best effort.  Jon Kent is loved and admired by all, all of his classmates and especially by his teachers.         
            Jon Kent is respectful, responsible, and caring.  He not only demonstrated intelligence and character in the classroom, but in everything he does.  He is definitely a quality student and deserving of this honor.  We are proud to choose Jon Kent for the honor of Celebration of Character.    

Now, tell me.. how am I supposed to describe how proud I am of him?  It's impossible.  He is certainly a special little boy and I can not wait to see the man that he grows into.

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D said...

You can't! Just be proud and know that you and Kent have done such an amazing job raising such a wonderful young man and this is just first grade. He's just sounds like he's going to grow and florish into a wonderful young man whose going to make the world a better place! Congratulations to Jon Kent on such a tremendous honor and kudos to you and Kent for raising three wonderful and amazing children.