Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Heart Day

Another Valentine's day has come and gone.  I do love me some Valentine's Day.  I have had a lot of fond memories growing up and getting small surprises on Valentine's day.

I have a few that stick out in my mind the most.

One year when I was in Jr. High I was eating breakfast before school and my momma had placed a present on the table for me to find.  In it was a ring with a teddy bear on it holding a heart.  At the time I was really into collecting teddy bears.  It was really special and I still have that ring.  Also that day, while at school, I had a beautiful vase of flowers and balloons delivered to school.

Another Valentine's day that sticks out was the last Valentine's Day before Kent and I got married.  We had decided to not get each other anything.  To just enjoy a meal together and write a sweet love letter to each other.  So that's what I did for Kent and he did for me.  But when I was through reading my letter from Kent he pulls out this box from Griffin's (local jeweler in our town) and it had a beautiful pair of earrings in it.  It was so sweet and special and completely out of the blue.

The most recent Valentine's day that sticks out was in 2010.  My momma and daddy were up visiting.  They drove through heavy falling snow to come to our house for the weekend.  They watched the kids for us so we could have a date night. My daddy went to Food Lion to buy my momma a card (he left the original one at home) and picked me up a potted plant of tulips (my favorite flower).  This was also the weekend that I would spend with my momma before she passed away.

So, for all those reasons and more is why I love Valentine's day and try to make it special for my kids.  Yes, we should show love all year long.  Yes, we should always say I love you.  But it's nice to take a day and concentrate on loving others.  I celebrate Jesus' birth all year long, but during Christmas is a time to really focus on His arrival.  I celebrate Jesus' death on the cross for my sins all year long, but on Easter am reminded again for what He did for me.  So in the same sense Valentine's day is a time to focus on our love ones and a reminder to celebrate that love all year long.

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