Thursday, September 29, 2011

Our Disney Vacation Part 4: Wednesday Evening, Thursday and Friday

Wednesday Evening:
So after not getting a really good start at the Magic Kingdom we wanted to go back after naps and see if we could do better.  Thankfully, it was pretty smooth sailing.

That evening since there was going to be the fireworks over the castle, things started clearing out around 7pm.  So we were able to do a lot of stuff during this time.  The kids rode the carousel.  Or really we all did.  Apparently, the older you get the less those things are fun.  I was very dizzy. So, since I wasn't dizzy enough we went to the Mad Tea Party Tea Cups.  If your kids are little, don't show them how to turn the tea cup.  Talk about wanting to throw up.  Anyway, after that my stomach was in awesome shape (not) so we decided to go eat supper and use one of our quick meals.  We went to Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe'.  It was pretty good and you get a lot for your money (if you aren't on the dining plan.. have I not talked enough about that yet?). We then rode  Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. We all rode that, even Nathan.  He was scared the whole time and Jon Kent wasn't thrilled with it either.  But it was a simple enough "roller coaster".  There weren't any drops to it, just a lot of dips and jerks.  It was pretty rough and I had to really hold on to Nathan. Some of the other things we did were Buzz Light Year Space Ranger (very good, but not as good as the one at Hollywood Studios), Monsters Inc., Laugh Floor (this was really funny and we all had a good time.  Plus, it gave us a break and a chance to sit indoors.), Stitches' Great Escape (Jon Kent LOVED this one because he thought he was "leveling up" throughout the "ride".  But it scared Zoey and Nathan senseless.  It was loud, dark, the seats literally hold you down.  And it's scary to not know what is happening right in front of you.  I don't recommend this ride.  I personally hope to never have to sit through it again.) and lastly we ended the night watching the Wishes Nighttime Spectacular (it was really good.  And so neat to see the castle lit up and all the fireworks.).

*My Tip: Bring your own glow sticks.  You can buy a wide variety at a Dollar Tree.  And it was save you a lot of money.  It was crazy what they were asking for at the parks.  Also, bring your own snack.  We brought our own and saved all our snack credits for drinks or fruit cups.  If you aren't on the dining plan, bring your own snack is the way to go.  Otherwise it would cost you about $15 for two drinks and fruit cup.  Insane.

 We spent all day Thursday at Disney's Typhoon Lagoon.  We went thinking we would be there 4 or 5 hours but ended up staying from opening until closing.  We just had that much fun.  The favorite of the day would have to be swimming with the sharks.  That was right up Kent's alley and Zoey loved it as well.  Jon Kent got to the water and then said, "He got to thinking about it and thought he didn't really want to do it."  I did it once with Zoey and it really was a good time.  The water was very cold (like 68 degrees or less).  So that immediately took my breath away but it was very cool swimming with all the fish.  The kids rode all the rides that they could.  There was a few they couldn't because they weren't tall enough, but otherwise they really were brave at trying new things.  It was a really fun day!

Thursday Evening
We went back to Epcot but it was mainly because we put Nathan in "taller shoes" so he could ride some of the rides that he was just a hair too short to ride on when he had on his sandals.  So he got to ride the Test Track and Soarin'.  He was not at all thrilled with the Test Track ride as you will be able to see in the picture. He did however LOVE the Soarin' ride.  He wanted to ride it over and over again.  I wouldn't mind riding it again myself.. I can still smell the orange trees and the beach.

We hit up The Magic Kingdom just one more time to ride a few rides that we weren't able to get to.  The main ride being Splash Mountain. Zoey and Kent were the only ones to ride this one.  The boys didn't want to ride.  They aren't my adventurous ones, that is for sure.We also did the Haunted Mansion.  The kids at first were scared, but once they saw that it was more funny than scary they like it. After that we started looking around for the princesses and found Snow White tucked away in her garden.  Zoey was thrilled.  Then we asked around and found out that all the princesses were at the Town Square Theater.  Zoey was so excited to meet all the princesses.  Even Nathan was a prince charming to a few.  Jon Kent.. eh, girls are gross to him. We were able to get a picture with all the princesses.. and bonus, it was inside.  Whew!  We then walked around, had some funnel cakes and on the way out caught the parade.  It was sad to see the week end.  But we packed a lot of memories into that one week and I really look forward to going back to Disney one day when all the kids are a bit older.  We did have one last thing to do before our day was through and our vacation was over and that was to eat at Boma Flavors of Africa.  I wasn't looking forward to it because I am not one to like different cultures' foods.  But it was really good and if we ever go back to Disney it will be a place that we return to.  It really was that yummy!

And with that our time was at Disney was over.  It was a great week and I imagine it will be something we do again and again and will even look forward to doing with our grandchildren.

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