Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Our Disney Vacation Part 3: Monday evening, Tuesday and Wednesday morning

Monday Evening
After naps and some snacks we headed back out and to Epcot.  I was told that Epcot was one of those quick places that you wouldn't need a lot of time at.  For our family that wasn't quite true.  We did a lot there and at night it seemed the crowds weren't as big.  We went to eat at the Coral Reef.  It's a nice sit down restaurant that has a wall to wall aquarium.  It was nice to eat and watch the fish go by.  Our waiter could have been a lot friendlier though.  He seemed like he didn't really want to be there and was very slow.  The food was good though.  After dinner we went to a character spot and met the whole Mickey gang.  We had to stand in line, but it wasn't too long.  We got to get photos with all the characters and since we had our photo pass we got some really great family shots.  Some of the rides we rode were "Soarin' (although the first time we went Nate didn't get to ride because we had on his sandals and they didn't make him tall enough), Test Track (Zoey rode this 3 times, Jon Kent rode it 2 times and Nathan even rode it once). We also hit up some Disney stores while there.  Although they had the same things at every park.  Since it was late we didn't get to do a whole lot on our first trip to Epcot, but we did catch the IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth.  That was very cool, but VERY loud.  The kids enjoyed it though.

Tuesday morning we had reservations for breakfast at the Hollywood and Vine in Disney's Hollywood Studios..  It's a little character breakfast with the likes of Oso, Handy Manny and the Little Einsteins.  It's called "Play and Dine at Hollywood and Vine". If you are on the dining plan (which again, I do recommend) it costs one table top meal.  Which isn't bad when you see all you get (all you can eat).  The food was really good, the characters were great (it takes about an hour for them all to come to your table) and the service was decent.  Our waiter was nice, but when we didn't leave the "recommended 18% gratuity" he left a "reminder note" in our check that at least 18% is recommended.  Yes.. so like $25 for an hour of work and all he did was bring us our drinks.. riiight.  Not happening.)  Other than that it was really fun.  The kids are encourage to get up and sing and dance.  It was a really nice time.  And if you get there before the park opens you get the opportunity to take some nice family shots without people walking into your picture.

After breakfast we went to find some things to do.  There wasn't a lot that we had on our list for Disney's Hollywood Studios.  Although there is tons to do.  But we were all still pretty tired from our previous day.  So we did what we knew everyone would enjoyed.  We found a great spot where you can take your picture with Woody and Buzz from Toy Story.  We did have to wait in a long line, but it was worth it and along the way there are scenes set up that you can take your own pictures.  Plus, if you get a fastpass for the Toy Story Mania ride (which we did) we waited for the photo op and then when we got through we just headed across the street and past the long lines to the ride.  And I would like to go on record as saying that was one of the best rides.  The kids loved going through it and actually being able to play.  We all tried to have the highest score.  I will refrain from telling y'all who did win.. might hurt some feelings. ;)  But that ride is highly recommended.  While we were there Zoey got her face painted like a princess kitty.  You can do that just about at any of the parks, so it's not just limited to Hollywood Studios.  Zoey loved it and it was worth it to see her happy.  We also hit up the "Honey I Shrunk the Kids" playground area.  The kids enjoyed that and it was something different to do.  After that break we decided to get out of the heat for a bit and went in to see "Disney Junior- Live on Stage".  If you have a child who loves to watch Disney they will love this show.  It is geared more toward the preschool age, but even Jon Kent and Zoey enjoyed watching the show.  And again, it was inside so it was cool which was awesome.  The Florida heat ain't no joke!  After the show we went to eat at a quick service place.  I believe it was called ABC Commissary.  It had a good range of fast food type stuff, but was really good.  After eating we headed home.  Like I said there was a lot more we could have done but we were all so tired a nap was in order!  It made for a better rest of the day!

Tuesday evening we went to the Hoop Dee Doo Revue.  It was very entertaining.  It's an option on the dining plan and cost 2 table top meals.  But that does include your food, entertainment and tip.  It was about 2 hours long.  They serve you good southern type food and you get to watch a western comedy type show.  The kids loved and laughed a lot.  I would highly recommend it. When we got back to the hotel we let the kids swim in the pool for a bit.  And at the hotel we stayed at they played a movie every night.  That night they were playing Toy Story.  They kids enjoyed that and used up what energy they had left before bed.


Finally, what we all had been waiting for.. The Magic Kingdom.  Today was the day we were going to conquer the home of Cinderella and all her princess friends.  But first, it was breakfast with Chef Mickey. The food was good, the service was good and the kids loved seeing all the characters dressed up in their chef hats and aprons.  It was a really good time.  After our bellies were full we got on the monorail and headed for the Magic Kingdom.  All things were going good, until Nathan had a major meltdown that last over an hour.  It was not pretty and I have NEVER seen him act like that before.  I think he was just tired and the sun was getting to him.  So Kent took Jon Kent and Zoey on to ride Aladdin's Carpets while I got Nathan calmed down.  They rode those and I snuggled with Nate and got us both water and cooled down.  After they other 3 got back we went for a ride on the Jungle Cruise. It was a nice boat ride and a chance to cool off. We then took a ride through "it's a small world". If that ride was about as half as long it would have been fine.  But it was just too long and the kids were ready to get out about half way through.  I could have seriously taken a nap.  Next up was, Peter's Pan Flight. The kids enjoyed it and we got through it very quickly.  Also, before we left for lunch and naps, we went to see Mickey's PhilharMagic. It was a cute show that has some surprises along the way (like squirts of water in your face, a gusy of wind, etc.).  It was really fun and the kids loved it. We took the boat back to parking and headed in for lunch and naps.

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