Monday, July 4, 2011

Just a little over a month

Just a little over a month and school will be starting back up.  Why does winter drag on and on, but summer flies by?

I guess it's because we are so busy, but still it seems unfair.

I have really enjoyed having the kids home all day. There are days I long for a break or a nap, but I know these days are fleeting and when they are older I will wish for it all back again.

We have been keeping busy and filling our days with fun stuff to do.

We have been swimming just about everyday.  Only skipping a day here or there because of the weather.  We have been ran out of the pool twice now for an afternoon thunderstorm.

Our church had VBS about two weeks ago.  The kids had a blast and learned so much.  Jon Kent was asking a lot of questions about God and heaven and salvation.  It was really exciting and I pray daily for those seeds to grow.  The kids were all sad when VBS ended.  Thankfully we had more plans to keep them from being sad for too long.

The kids and I went to Alabama last week for a visit.  We all had a good time.  I got some "alone time" while the kids stayed at the great grandparents' house and my daddy got to have the best company ever.. me! :)  While there Jon Kent, Zoey and myself met up with my best friend and her oldest daughter at a water park.  We spent the whole day splashing and sliding and getting water up our noses.  Good times!   Zoey also lost her first tooth while we were there (6.29.11).  Which is funny because Jon Kent also lost his first tooth while we were in Alabama over a year ago. The kids also got to wade in a creek, get spoiled rotten with too many toys and games and we all got to be loved on by family.

I was ready to come home though.  I missed my hubby and my bed.  Kent took Friday off and cleaned up the house and had it all nice and neat for us when we got home.  I was very relieved to know that all I had to do was unpack.  To which I did so quickly.  That evening we took the kids to the movies to see "Cars 2".  Even though they saw it in Alabama.  They were still up for seeing it again.  Plus, I think Kent really wanted to see it. ;)

Our 4th of July weekend went well.  We went to see the fireworks over the river..with about 100 plus people all around us.  But the kids enjoyed it and that's all that matters.  Next year, Lord willing, we will find a different spot.  We also stayed in the pool most of the weekend.  Getting in every afternoon and staying until we were wrinkled up on our fingers and toes.  Tonight Kent grilled steaks that were delish!  We ended the night with blizzards from DQ.  It was a very nice weekend that didn't go back too quickly.  Tomorrow it's back to reality and grown up life.  Kent goes back to work and I go back to being a full time SAHM again.  Which I think is still pretty awesome.

Here's to the rest of summer!

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