Friday, September 25, 2009

Wonderful Surprises

I'm not good with secrets. I can keep them, if someone asks me to, but keeping my own is hard. I love surprises and love surprising others, but it's just so hard to do.

Wednesday I told the kids that we were going to have a day FULL of surprises. They were very excited and wanted to know every detail. "That's part of the surprise, you don't get to know what is happening until it happens." So their first surprise was that Kent took the day off. Our car was supposed to get out of the shop that day, so he wanted to be there to get it. We also had playgroup at the local YMCA. The kids didn't know about that either, so it was a surprise for them to get to run around and play with other kids their ages. After playing and having a snack we left to go to the mall for lunch. Kent left and went and picked up the car and brought it back and got it ready for our next and final surprise. The kids got into the car and realized something was up. The portable DVD player was out and running. We only use them for long trips. "Where are we going momma? Why are our suitcases in the back? Are we going to the beach??" I told them we would tell them in a few minutes. We got the car ready and I kisses my husband good-bye. He wouldn't be making this final surprise trip with me. So as we pulled out I turned around and told the kids we are going to Alabama to see Gramsie, Poohba, Granny, PawPaw, Mimi and Papa. "Yay!!! We are going to Alabama!!!!! But wait.. it takes foreverrrrrrrrrrr." "Do you not want to go?", I ask. "Yes, yes we do!!!!" So off we go. As we were almost in town I took a picture of the NASCAR sign coming into town and text it to all our family. Who, by the way, didn't know we were coming either. Well, except my parents. They knew. So a few minutes go by and I get a text from Kent's sister. "Are y'all in town?" Then as I was just about to get to Kent's grandmother's house I called her and here is how that conversation went:

Me: Did you get my text?
Granny: Yeah. How did you do that?
Me: Well, how about you unlock your door and I'll tell you.
Granny: Huh? Where are you at?
Me: Your backyard. Come unlock your door.
Granny: YOU'RE HERE!?!?!!?!
Me: Yep. Come unlock your door!

Then Kent's momma text me back and said, "Interesting" She didn't get it. She didn't figure out we were in town. Haha, it was so much fun. And so great to see the reaction on every one's faces.


Tiffany Lockette said...

Glad you got to go for a visit to good ole Bama!! I have a question for you, when you got to SC, how did you find playgroups for the kids?

Brandi said...

so cool :) hope you all enjoyed your trip!!!!

EmilytheCreative said...

Tiffany, I went to and just typed in my zip code. It gave me a list of groups close to me. HTH!

clauren said...

Awe that sounds great! Have fun!! Cass

Janis said...

I love surprises like that!!! :)

When I was in college I would drive home to surprise my parents (6 hours) - it was great fun! :)


Bridgett said...

How fun and spontaneous! Hope you're having a great time.


Karen said...

So fun to surprise them like that! My parents once picked me up from school early...I saw all our suitcases in the car, but they wouldn't tell me where we were going...we just drove...all the way to Disney World!! Best surprise ever! Can't wait to do that with my kids!