Monday, September 21, 2009

Ticked at Wally World

But really.. it doesn't take much. Wal-Mart the monstrous place that likes to shut down every mom and pop store in any given town has done it again.... I hope they paid dearly for this little blunder. I mean really??? What kind of place actual does this crap?


Stephanie said...

I read that earlier and got furious. I cannot imagine being those parents and what they went through. How horrible!!

Karen said...

I saw this earlier! I can't believe their kids got taken away for a month! It's just all SO wrong! I was telling Mike today, I hope their lawyer gets them a ton of money!

TnL's Mommy said...

Ok that is really really ridiculous!! I hope those parents do something and come out big for it! Seriously to take those kids away for a month??? Oh my goodness!! I am so mad about this...who doesn't have some of those pics of their kids?

Sorry...I agree with you, who does this??

Janis said...

I, too, could not believe this story. I'm not mad at Walmart so much - I am glad that they are keeping an eye our for such things...but for the police/ government to take away the kids for a month is outrageous!!! After seeing the kids and the pics and interviewing the parents they should have had enough sense to know that things were okay.

It is sad that we live in a world where we have to be so concerned about such things!!!

PS I moved my blog! Check out the new one when you get a chance!!!

clauren said...

I hate them so much! I was in their parking lot shopping and a cop gave me a tag ticket! I don't like how they force their suppliers to sell for less and do a percentage of business in China either :(

Christy said...

I saw this on the news. I will say this though, that one it's not really WalMart the company, but the people working there that did this.

(WalMart helped raise me, my mom worked there for over 20 years until she retired a couple of years ago).

The people in the photo lab though, are complete and utter idiots.

Christy said...

Oh I forgot to mention though that I find that Social Services was in just as much wrong, if not more so, they're TRAINED professionals and should have done a lot more digging, such as interviewing friends, family, neighbors, etc and found out about these parents before they just went in and ripped these innocent children out of their home...imo they're the biggest "villian" in this story.

They leave abused children in their home far too often and try to destroy good families at the click of a switch. It's disgusting and the worker that had this case needs to be investigated and she/he would also be part of my lawsuit.

Bridgett said...

I feel bad for the kids...just imagine how scared they were away from their parents for an entire month!

It's just awful.

I hope that Wal-Mart employee lost their job.

Josie said...

Im excited to get to know you! Cute blog and family!