Sunday, August 2, 2015

Owens Beach Vacation 2015

I absolutely love the beach. On those bitter cold days of winter the beach is what I dream about. However, not any beach will do. No, no... You can have the beaches of the Atlantic.  Only the sandy white beaches of the gulf, mostly Panama City Beach beaches will do. I love the memories that are attached to that beach. Memories of my own childhood, my honeymoon, and bringing my own children to the beach for their first time. Yes sir, I could move there tomorrow. So when our famy made the 7 plus hour trip there it did not fail our expectations. This trip we went with Kent's parents. His brother and grandparents also came down for a few days as well. We rented a pontoon one day, played at several arcades (Fun Land was our top priority), played putt-putt, laid on the beach, played in the ocean (though technically it's the gulf), and enjoyed much family time. It was great. And it all ended way too soon. Now we have two weeks of summer left before school starts. Why does the summer have to fly by so quickly???!!!

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