Friday, June 6, 2014

School is OUT!!

 The O'villers have finished another year of school! 

Jon Kent is heading to fourth grade!  He finished his 3rd grade year with all A's, no tardies, perfect attendence, and above average MAP scores. 

Zoey is heading to third grade.  She finished her 2nd grade year with all A's, no tardies, above average MAP scores, and the highest MAP reading score in her class.

Nathan is heading to first grade!  He finished his year in kindergarten with all M's (meeting standard), no tardies, perfect attendance, music award, and knowing all his lightning words.

I am so proud of all their hard work this year.  They pulled through the year after dealing with many new changes with me starting work and going back to school myself.  They were champs and showed us they could handle things with grace.

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