Friday, November 22, 2013

Nathan's first Auburn game

Back in October we took Jon Kent and Nathan to an Auburn football game.  Zoey declined as she isn't a huge football fan, yet.  I say yet because I wasn't either at her age.  We are holding out hope that one day she will come over to the whoop and hollering side.  Until then, she was spoiled by her Poohba and Granny and PawPaw while the rest of us went to the plains and enjoyed watching Auburn play.  This was Jon Kent's 2nd game and Nathan's fist.  We had a good time of watching the traditional "Tiger Walk" before the game and then watching Auburn put a beating on East Carolina.  But the highlight was getting to go onto the field after the game and taking pictures and watching the boys play some football.  It was hard not to let my mind wonder to maybe a day in the not too distant future of one or both of the boys playing for Auburn in their college days.  I can day dream, right?  And who knows, they just might.

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