Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Makings of a butterfly

Jon Kent and Zoey have both been learning about butterflies.  Each of their classes got several caterpillars and they have watched them grow and make chrysalis and finally turn into butterflies.  They both got to let theirs goes today at school.  They have really enjoyed watching it all happened and telling us every day what was going on with their butterflies.

In Zoey's class the teacher asked for us to make butterflies with our children using whatever we wanted.  Colors, scarp pieces of paper, etc.  So, while I was trying to go to sleep one night I was thinking about how we would do Zoey's butterfly.  I wanted her to be able to do the decorating and making it her own, but also wanted it to be something that didn't look like anyone else's and be something that she could be proud of.  So I brainstormed and came up with the following idea.  It's very easy to do and doesn't take long at all.

Cut out two identical butterfly shapes out of wax paper.

Get some crayons that you don't mind cutting up.

Take some scissors and shave the crayon.

Find a beautiful little girl to sprinkle the butterfly with the crayon shavings.

Get two dishtowels or any towels and place the butterfly (with both pieces of wax paper sandwiching the crayon shavings) underneath.

Get an iron (background mess is optional) and iron the top dishtowel making sure to iron the whole butterfly underneath.


She was proud!

So was I!!

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